Welcome to the uCollect Referral Program.

To begin earning commission on your referrals please complete the form below.  As a Referral Partner you can receive a 10% commission on all uCollect accounts that are created with your Referral Code.  You may share that with your customer by way of a discount on their subscription (you can choose any allocation, as long as the total does not exceed 10% - this way you can look good by saying tha you have negotiated a discount to your clients).  You can also nominate some accounts to be billed to your Partner Account and charged to your Credit Card each month rather than being billed to the organisation directly.

To create your Referral Code please complete the form below and one will be emailed to you:

Credit Card Details:

We need your credit card details so that we can bill your account for any group billing transactions that exceed your commissions. This is required to join the programme. WE DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING TO YOUR ACCOUNT NOW. We will only charge your account if you have an account balance with us. It is done automatically on the first of each month for the balance at the end of the previous month.